Out of the Darkness

As I look back on yesteryears passed, I am beginning to see the tell of time. Not in vanity, but in realness the hands on the clock repeat. As the clock ticks forward, the age spots begin to appear on my own hands and the laugh lines get a little deeper. Time is no longer standing still as it once did, in that time that was forever. Memories become close friends and are easily welcomed. Without memories, we have no visitor of the past, good or bad. When we remember, we are alive seeing choices and scenes that can’t be changed. Those memories are important to me, for with them, I am never lonely. Remembering running down the riverbank, barefooted with a cane pole, a short string, and a hook. Flying that box kite my daddy made with such passion for me. Being sprayed by the water hose on a hot day. Playing with match boxes with rubber-bands and match sticks for wheels. Spitballs and straws, and the flavor of cocoa when its cold outside. Getting haircuts with hot lather on the neck while Mr. Givens used his hand massager on your head. Catching popcorn in your mouth. Playing with your favorite toy while consoling a sibling after surgery. Being old enough to remember parts of many generations and seeing more changes than only the ones older than myself have seen. Remembering manual typing class to an iPhone. Watching the sun as it goes down in the fall, instantly feeling the temperature go down as if it is attached to the sun. Seeing at night with a moon that is bright enough not to be afraid. All the while the time in between each memory has its own tale to tell. Playing with baby chickens, pigs and the softest of kittens. Playing baseball and throwing a Frisbee. Being first in a game called turn down because you knew the periodic table better than anyone in class. Leaving home and being scared to death, not just for yourself, but for the ones left behind. Tasting KFC for the first time, awesome! Random thoughts in real time, like now that make complete sense, but run together in a torrent of chaos. Seeing the beauty in dust-devils and horny toads. Pulling cockle burrs out of your clothes while watching the locust plant bloom in the summer. That annoying snore from your dad you wish you could hear one more time or that piece of “candy cake” that will never taste the same. All this to say that life is full of beauty, even if you have to look for it. There is too much grace abounding to dwell on the saddened heart and too much time to make memories that make one happy. The day I met Timberly and fell in love. The time she turned me down for a first date, but the time she didn’t 😊. The trials and triumphs in having children. Ken who came early after months of bed-rest. Remembering our beautiful daughter Timye DeAn in heaven and the glorious day they said Alex would live after getting down to 1 pound 15 ounces. What miracles I’ve witnessed. What blessings I’ve been given and what wondrous people have walked before me. You see, every memory can’t have a silver lining, but many, many can move you out of the darkness.

Copyright @coffeewithcharles.blog (Charles D. Grant)

Author: coffeewithcharles58

Married for 36 years to a wonderful wife. I have 2 grown sons and a beautiful daughter n law. I love life, past and present.

4 thoughts on “Out of the Darkness”

  1. I love this! Many memories to cherish and many more beautiful memories to make together and with those we love!!
    P.S. I should have never turned you down the first time…but the Chase was fun!! LOL. I love you. ❤️😘

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  2. Beautifully written My Sweet Friend… I haven’t seen U post in a while… I really enjoy your writings… Share a Big Hug with Ur beautiful wife & my friend…. You will 4ever be “My Hero”… Love & Admiration.. Blessings Always ❤🌞❤


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