The Roaring Springs Reunion

What wonderful memories were made this past weekend in Roaring Springs, Texas. Family reunions have their way of bringing sweet nostalgia to life. I see the movements of my mother’s sisters that copy her in so many ways. I see the faces of my brothers in my cousins. I see the eyes of myself in my uncle. The smiles of my Aunties that look like one another, as my sisters continue a mutation of them. The voices in my aunts singing that sounds like my mother if my eyes are closed, seeing her there. The care in the younger ladies to their children that I once saw in myself and cousins in times that seem so far away but were here just yesterday. Enough familiarity to bring back my mother, grandmother and grandfather, my aunts and uncle that have gone before us all live in what I saw this weekend. The spirits possessed in the past lives, lives on and that makes me happy. I remembered being a child, when life was simple, and love was genuine and felt. To my Aunt Sarah that is happy, beautiful, full of life, loving and willing to pray at the drop of a hat, I say thank you for teaching me to grieve loss and accept life. You are amazing to me and I appreciate you. To my Aunt Rosie, with the beautiful voice that I had never heard before this weekend. It must have been one to have been revered. Your soul is genuine, and I love you. To my Aunt Mary, full of life, musical and giving. Your laughter cannot be duplicated. You remind me of my mother most of all. To my aunt Barbara, the concrete that is left of my childhood memories with you and the cousins. The memories I have at your house cannot be compared, you make me happy. To my uncle Charles, whom I did not know, yet feel the belonging. I am sorry we never got the chance to be all we could have been for and to one another. To the many cousins I have been blessed with, the hugs that felt as they did when we were children. To my older cousins of whom I was to small to play with in my youth, I have finally arrived in your plane of maturity and enjoy each of you on so many levels. To the memories spoken, engraved in our minds, like the pictures placed all around that continue to speak to us through their stillness, just as the lost new cousins have. I just wanted to say thank you to the generation before me that are still with me. I want you to know what you mean to me and how much I appreciate your carrying forward the importance of love and family. Years of pain from losing members of our families has taken its toll on us through the years, yet we resiliently remember through the tears how they brought joy and served their purpose. My hope is through the next generation that we can continue to bring forth the goodness of love we were given.  Thank you, Grandpa Charles Otto Underwood and Lottie Rosetta McClain Underwood, for leaving the legacy of what was at the reunion. I know you are proud, and I know how incredibly lucky I am to have been born into a family that cares about each other, a family of nurturers, men and women. Thank you family, I love you all!

Author: coffeewithcharles58

Married for 36 years to a wonderful wife. I have 2 grown sons and a beautiful daughter n law. I love life, past and present.

6 thoughts on “The Roaring Springs Reunion”

  1. So well said and from a loving heart. Maybe it is because we have lost so many that we treasure those we still have and seek more family we have yet to know❤️


  2. Lovely words for a wonderful reunion of family. It was such a blessing to be together with so many precious loved ones. It was so good to see you, Charles! Love you and all of your Grant family.


  3. It was the best reunion ever.It reminded me of the reunions my family had in Ark . when my brothers were living. You worded everything great Charles.


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